Dog Portrait Artist – Mechelle Roskiewicz

Warrensburg, New York

Dog portrait artist, Mechelle, has had a life long passion for animals and art. This love began at age six when she entered a drawing of a horse at the Ohio State Fair and received a blue ribbon for first place in her age group. In school Mechelle took all the available art classes that were offered. At a young age Mechelle discovered the world of Edgar Degas and his magic with colors. This new horizon inspired Mechelle to explore new techniques that would become a signature for her future with art. As a senior in high school Mechelle was selected to participate in a work study program with a stage scenery production company in upstate New York. Projects included backdrops for The New York City Ballet, The Philadelphia Opera, and the Xlll Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid.

At Russell Sage College Mechelle studied Fine Arts – Interior Design and graduated with an A.A.S. Cum Laude. Her entry in the structural design section was chosen for their permanent collection.

Mechelle began a career in interior design. For pleasure she would continue to draw pastel portraits of dogs and cats, people, and landscapes. Family and friends took notice. Her meticulous detail with mixing colors brings life to the subject.

Dogs became the main object for her art work. Mechelle became inspired to draw dogs with the arrival of a new family member, Lilly, a ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. According to Mechelle, Lilly is ” The most beautiful puppy in the world”. Mechelle’s husband, Rock, thinks that Lilly is “The most spoiled puppy in the world”. Although, he does admit she is a cute dog. A new family member, puppy muse, just recently has been added. Her name is Ella. She is a perky black and tan Cavalier with a rutt-row personality.

Mechelle spent more time rejuvenating her art skills. She invested in quality pastels and paper. From photographs she created portrait after portrait of Lilly. The local framing shop, and other people who viewed the art work, encouraged her to pursue her life dream of becoming a professional artist. Rock suggested that she draw other breeds of dogs. This got the Loved Dogs Art venture rolling. In a short time Mechelle produced dog portraits from photos for friends. The response from friends seeing these pastel portraits for the first time brought unbelievable surprise, tears, and, at last, a big smile, hug and kiss. People love her dog art. As a new portrait artist, Mechelle was commissioned to paint Danny, of the Bark and Read therapy program in Great Britain. Danny was the winner of the “Amazing Animal Award” for 2011 given by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The portrait of Danny hangs in The Kennel Club of England’s Library in London.

Mechelle’s product line has increased to include portraits of cats, and personalized gifts such as hand painted wine glasses and custom ornaments.

For Mechelle, Loved Dogs Art provides new opportunities. The artist can express feelings, the dog owner will possess a portrait of their loved dog which they can cherish forever, and, the dogs come to life on paper. Combining her passion for dogs and art is very rewarding. Dogs are family members. They are loving, loyal, forgiving, and playful companions. Loved Dogs Art wants to capture these individual dogs traits and give dog owners a lifetime of memories of their beloved dogs.
Mechelle is a member of the Artist Registry with The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog.

  • A.A.S. Cum Laude – Russell Sage College
  • Artwork in the Kennel Club of England’s Library
  • Member of the Artist Registry with The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog
  • Featured in the Permanent collection at Russell Sage College
  • Created backdrops for The New York City Ballet, The Philadelphia Opera, and the Xlll Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid
  • Artwork published in 1000 Dog Portraits
  • Artwork cover of Royal Dispatch, AKC King Charles Spaniel Magazine
  • Feature articles In Royal Spaniels and Pampered Little Dogs.
  • Artwork published Contemporary Artist VII

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